Trash of Pest is a photo based social experiment group established by Doman Szabo in 2015. Now counting 5,2K + members. In the beginning it was just a fun project, with small amount of members. The goal was was to achieve his friends and close aqquintances to use their phones or any kind of other cameras in their posession, to capture the nasty side of Budapest and share it with each other. The group started to gain popularity around 2016 when the friends have invited their friends and many people started to use the group weekly for personal expression. Later on, art university teachers, local public figures, and many pedastrians started to use the surface, and it has drawn some media attention with the gain too.

However the group started to become popular among downtown, the admin wanted to keep the number of members modest, to remain true to the groups quality and true form.

In 2016 Liliane Spielmann asked Doman to collaborate and create a zine series out of the best pictures from the platform. They have established „Trash of Pest Magazine”, and made two releases, vol I. in 2016, and vol II. in 2017, selling 100-100 copies. 

The two series could be bought at a group exhibition night out organised by BRFK Gallery and TINTA Art Café in Budapest. Some prints were also available at Konfekció and JUDAS vintage clothing shops.