Bertalan Soos / LEFOTOZLAK

Budapest Juke is a Budapest based Hungarian independent record label and artists collective into juke/footwork and ghettotech music, paying tribute to the Chicago rooted music genres and their creators. The collective was created around 2015 by Viktor Sagi, Benedek Mihalik, Abris Gryllus and Doman Szabo. Benedek Mihalik created a group for local lovers of the Chicagoan uptempo music genre inviting the originators of the scene too, to share their latest works and inspire upcoming artists around the globe. Three submission based compilations have been released including several artists. In the beginning they only pressed local producers works, to find out how many musicians are into the genre around the area. The second release of the „BootyPest – JukeyPest” compilations titled; JukeyPest TRAXX vol.2 contains several artists from the global footwork community such as Ray Miller (USA) a.k.a 0h85, Thomas Crush a.k.a Krush Juke (UK) and many more.

The iconic Budapest based Dj duo called UFFALO STEEZ (Viktor Sagi and Abris Gryllus), started to gain popularity in downtown clubs and venues with their unique Dj sets and outstanding production. Mixing tracks in their live sets from the legendary footwork pioneers of Chicago to fresh releases from new artists too. That’s how they heve crossed path with Doman Szabo a.k.a AO UZZI. Already working with artists like Dj Ren, Cadik and Billy Matthews, they discovered AO UZZI’s mixtapes and own productions on soundcloud, and started working together right away when they found out he is also from Budapest. A year have passed, they became great friends, met with their final crew member Walen Delon, and formed Budapest Juke together as an independent record label.

They had a party series set up together in clubs like; Müszi, LÄRM, Toldi Klub, A38, Bankito Festival, Corvinteto, Akvarium Klub and many more.

They had several foreign guests invited and threw night outs together in their series „JukeyFied”.
E.g. Dj Kurtz from Goodstreet records, Lux Familiar from Polish Juke. The crew even had the grateful opporunity to perform with some of their role models, the legendary Dj Spinn and Dj Paypal from TEKLIFE crew, Chicago.