Doman Szabo is a Hungarian born media designer and musical artist also known as AO UZZI.
Inspired by the vivid colors and diffuse sounds of the urban enviroment. Musically, house, soul and 90’s rap music had a huge impact on him. Later on he got to know the juke / footwork scene by Chicagoan friends, and tried to create his own sound respecting the original heritage of the genres.


Born in 1992, studied Landscape Architecture at Corvinus University of Budapest from 2011 – 2015, dropped out in 2015 and started the Media Design course of Budapest Metropolitan University in 2018. Got a bachelor’s degree in 2021 with an overall classification of the qualication: excellent.

Co-founder and creative production manager of Budapest Juke, a Budapest based independent record label and collective, into ghettoteck / juke / footwork music.
Founding members: Viktor Sagi, Benedek Mihalik, Abris Gryllus, Doman Szabo

Co-founder and crew member of ELEVATED, a Budapest based independent record label / collective, into: futurebeats / trap / hip-hop / soul / jazz.
Founding members: Viktor Sagi, Issiaga Camara, Atilla Szlanka, Balint Ruboczki, Soma Palotai,
Doman Szabo

Founder of Trash of Pest, a Budapest based photo experimental group, about the dark side of the Hungarian capitals enviroment, and dividing urban culture. Co-founder of Trash of Pest Magazine alongside Liliane Spielmann, a zine series made out of the group members submissions.


Has released several tracks the past decade under his artist name AO UZZI. His first 4 track EP which can be considered a late born child, was put out in 2020 via Coldpakk record label, located in Helsinki, Finland. He has also released several works the past years on his own platforms, not forget to mention Stay Cool (UK) or Juke Bounce Werk (US) either.